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Long Holiday……

Yes, i’m back.
It’s long holiday that tasteless…no vacation, no family, no entertaining, and all the things that make me interest…except meet my boyfriend…hehehhe
I have 4 days to spent, but nothing that worth it that i have done. I juts clean my boarding room, watching movie at theater and dvd, washing my clothes, and so sad that i don’t spirit to lesson. Yes, unfortunately next month i have eaxamination at my univesity and i’m not ready yet. Because i’m so lazy to study, even i have 4 free days!!!come on, wake up!!
I remember when i was child, every christmas day that it’s means holiday i always spent time in front of TV and watched movie about christmas that show in TV…it’s so nice even i’m not celebrate that day but see santa in cartoon make me so excited.
So, what are u do to spent your holiday?


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