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Inner Peace ?

Hi…It’s October….time flies so fast. I think i just celebrated New Year Eve yesterday but now is October. Wow!! . And…i don’t know how to say but I just want to say that I’m happy, I feel grateful with what I have right now. This year must be very difficult for me but right now I can say that I’m grateful…I thank Allah for all this blessing…wonderful life, family and of coursely great friends.

Call me too confident, but I’m so proud with myself. After all the life happen, when life hit me on my head and make me on my knees. But, now….here I am…stand up with smile on my face and ready to cherish every moment in my life. I thought I find out my own inner peace.

Actually it started when I go back to my hometown on Ied Mubarak Holiday, visited my grandfather house’s. Like usual when we are meet, we discuss, sharing, talk random things and specially we always…always talk about life…about horizontal and vertical relationship 🙂

Beside my parents, my grandfather is the one that can make me be person like right now…I love him so much… much…me 22 years old girl and i realize that my grandfather growing old and maybe I just have a little time to talk with him, so when I went back to my hometown at Ied Mubarak Holiday I decided to spend more time to discussed with him than usually I did.

I ask him to accompany me go home at night by take a walk, watched star and moon at field, that our routine at weekend when I was child. I hugged him before I go back to Jakarta.

My grandfather…my inspiration thank you for all your thought, thank you to teach me about life…and Thank Allah for all the blessing for inner peace that I have right now…to make me a better and strong person more than I thought. To my family and my friends thank you for all your support…

When you have inner peace inside your soul, no matter life happen you still know that you’ll be fine cause you have God that always guide you.


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